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How To Spin The Golf Ball

How To Spin The Golf Ball You have no doubt seen TOUR pros on television, or any good golfer for that matter, hit shots into the green that end up spinning back like a rocket, particularly in wet conditions.  You might note how that never really happens when you’re out on the course, and you […]

Inside Santa Claus Golf Club, where the greens are ‘whites’ and reindeer roam the fairways

’Twas six days before Christmas when all through the clubhouse,
 Not a creature was stirring— —well, that’s not entirely true. Creatures were, in fact, stirring when I called Santa Claus Golf Club on Thursday afternoon. Golfers weren’t, though. (Too dark, too cold.) Nary a sign of St. Nick, either. (Too busy.) “Sometimes we do see his […]


1) Don’t chase a score on the course, you have to stay patient and let it come to you. 2) Change your practice routine, and start focusing on your weaknesses. If you keep doing the same things over and over again, why would your scores improve? 3) Don’t pass the buck. It wasn’t the club’s fault, or the […]

three courses • one low price

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Iowa man gets really creative with golf balls

From the world of weird n’ wacky in Golf, we found this… Ever wonder what people who live on golf courses do with all the balls that get hit into their backyards? Well, you probably wouldn’t guess what one Iowa man did. Kevin Pingel took nearly 600 balls and turned them into a six-foot, 100-pound […]


Don’t make hitting a draw or a fade complicated Modern launch monitors have taught us exactly what makes the ball go where it goes, but most golfers would be smart not to get too caught up in technicalities. Decades ago, Jack Nicklaus described a simple way to shape shots, and it’s every bit as valid […]